Camping at Lake Lanier

Usually, we try and travel to the North Georgia mountains to go camping and such, but sometimes we will get up to Lake Lanier here in Georgia for a quick camping outing. The great thing about this place is that it is only twenty five minutes from home so we can scoot up there whenever we want! There are so many things to do once we get up there like go fishing, swimming, and cooking out while under the stars. Lake Lanier has multiple parks and campgrounds sitting on the shores and adjacent areas of the main part of the lake so it makes for an easy outing.

The last time we went we went to the public campground area close to the Sunset Cove area of the lake. My buddy lives close by who owns gutter cleaning Johns Creek who we meet with his family out there a lot. Which is a very popular hang out place of all the lake goers during the summer. Lots of families and friends get to the campgrounds and set up tents, put the cooking utensils out and get ready for a nice time on the lake. The great thing about these campgrounds here at the lake are that they are right on the water and you can literally fish from right next to your tent. We typically take our fishing poles with ample bait and worms that are real and fake plastic ones to see Continue reading Camping at Lake Lanier

A camping excursion

Moving along with this blog, we are going to discuss an adventure that we took a few years back and the camping experience that we had. We try and schedule a camping trip once every spring and fall so that we can enjoy the nice outdoor weather a bit during these months. Living in the Southeast United States, it is very hot and humid during the summer months and the camping is less enjoyable.

For this particular adventure, we went to the blue ridge mountains in the northern part of Georgia. My roofing friend from roof repair Lawrenceville GA came with us amongst a few others. These are very nice mountains and awesome hiking trails and scenery with the streams, waterfalls and topography. Previously we went to the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee, but this time we decided to stay Continue reading A camping excursion

Camping Overview

Welcome to our page about all things camping. In this blog post I will write about what to look forward to on camping trips, items to bring and other good information about camping that you would expect. Minus the bugs in the warmer climates, camping is an awesome experience no matter where you live. You just have to cater to the seasons when planning to go camping and the things that you need to have a great trip. Not to be forgotten are the bug spray’s that will keep you from getting dozens of bug bites out in the woods. And its not just mosquitos, it is fleas, ticks, and other bugs that love the taste of your skin, especially my friend at gutter cleaning Atlanta. Spray some off on you and go enjoy the outdoors!

We typically get started by planning and charting where we want to go for the weekend on the long awaited camping trip. Once we figure that out, we start digging up gear Continue reading Camping Overview